China best CZPT Single Roller Cam Follower Mcfr13 Stud Type Track Rollers Bearing with high quality

Product Description

MCGILL Single Roller Cam Follower MCFR13 Stud Type Track Rollers Bearing

NO 1. our adwantages

1. 14 years bearing products manufacturing and exporting experiences.
2. OEM order and non-standard bearing order can be accepted.
3. Many sizes of bearing are available. Large quantity bearing can be provided.
4. To respect customers, you can choose the loading port.
5. A certain number of free sample can be provide to support our customer’s after-sale services and warranty.

NO 2. OEM all brand bearing

NO 3. Cylindrical roller bearing Specification: 

Seals Types OPEN
Vibration Level Z1V1,Z2V2,Z3V3
Clearance C2,C0,C3,C4,C5
Tolerance Codes ABEC-1,ABEC-3,ABEC-5
Materral GCr15-China/AISI52100-USA/Din100Cr6-Germany
MOQ 1Set at least
Delivery Time Stock or 5-15 days after contract
Package Tube package+outer carton+pallets;
Single box+outer carton+pallets;
Tube packge+middle box+outer carton+pallets;
According to your requirement

NO 3. Rolling Mill Bearing Models and Size:   

Model D d H
KR16-PP 16 6 28
KR16-SK-PP 16 6 28
KR19-PP 19 8 32
KR19-SK-PP 19 8 32
KR22-PP 22 10 36
KR26-PP 26 10 36
KR30-PP 30 12 40
KR32-PP 32 12 40
KR35-PP 35 16 52
KR40-PP 40 18 58
KR47-PP 47 20 66
KR52-PP 52 20 66
KR62-PP 62 24 80
KR72-PP 72 24 80
KR80-PP 80 30 100
KR90-PP 90 30 100
KR16 16 6 28
KR19 19 8 32
KR22 22 10 36
KR26 26 10 36
KR30 30 12 40
KR32 32 12 40
KR35 35 16 52
KR40 40 18 58
KRE16-PP 16 9 28
KRE19-PP 19 11 32
KRE22-PP 22 13 36
KRE26-PP 26 13 36
KRE30-PP 30 15 40
KRE32-PP 32 15 40
KRE35-PP 35 20 52
KRE40-PP 40 22 58
KRE47-PP 47 24 66
KRE52-PP 52 24 66
KRE62-PP 62 28 80
KRE72-PP 72 28 80
KRE80-PP 80 35 100
KRE90-PP 90 35 100
KRV16-PP 16 6 28
KRV19-PP 19 8 32
KRV22-PP 22 10 36
KRV26-PP 26 10 36
KRV30-PP 30 12 40
KRV32-PP 32 12 40
KRV35-PP 35 16 52
KRV40-PP 40 18 58
KRV47-PP 47 20 66
KRV52-PP 52 20 66
KRV62-PP 62 24 80
KRV72-PP 72 24 80
KRV80-PP 80 30 100
KRV90-PP 90 30 100
NUKR35 35 16 52
NUKR40 40 18 58
NUKR47 47 20 66
NUKR52 52 20 66
NUKR62 62 24 80
NUKR72 72 24 80
NUKR80 80 30 100
NUKR90 90 30 100
NUKRE35 35 20 52
NUKRE40 40 22 58
NUKRE47 47 24 66
NUKRE52 52 24 66
NUKRE62 62 28 80
NUKRE72 72 28 80
NUKRE80 80 35 100
NUKRE90 90 35 100
PWKR35-2RS-XL 35 16 52
PWKR40-2RS-XL 40 18 58
PWKR47-2RS-XL 47 20 66
PWKR52-2RS-XL 52 20 66
PWKR62-2RS-XL 62 24 80
PWKR72-2RS-XL 72 24 80
PWKR80-2RS-XL 80 30 100
PWKR90-2RS-XL 90 30 100
PWKR35-2RS-RR-XL 35 16 52
PWKR40-2RS-RR-XL 40 18 58
PWKR47-2RS-RR-XL 47 20 66
PWKR52-2RS-RR-XL 52 20 66
PWKR62-2RS-RR-XL 62 24 80
PWKR72-2RS-RR-XL 72 24 80
PWKR80-2RS-RR-XL 80 30 100
PWKR90-2RS-RR-XL 90 30 100
PWKRE35-2RS 35 20 52
PWKRE40-2RS 40 22 58
PWKRE47-2RS 47 24 66
PWKRE52-2RS 52 24 66
PWKRE62-2RS 62 28 80
PWKRE72-2RS 72 28 80
PWKRE80-2RS 80 35 100
PWKRE90-2RS 90 35 100


Why Choose Us:
We are an industrial and trading company.We have our own brand: SFNB .If you interested in our product,I can take you to visit our factory.
Our factory have advanced testing equipment,before the every product leave the factory,we will be testing.We can send samples to you,you can test the quality,and if you accept the sample quality,we can promise: the follow-up orders’ quality will be the same as samples.
About ordinary standard type of bearing ,We have rich inventory,not have MOQ,if your need a product is Non-standard size,need customize,we will according the product size to determine the MOQ.
Our company can accept OEM,you can send sample to me,we can manufacturing products the same as sample.Meanwhile,we also can accept some well-known brands of OEM,
If the amount of money is less,you can pay it by Paypal .Of course you can payment by TT or Western Union etc. /* January 22, 2571 19:08:37 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

Rolling Body: Roller Bearings
The Number of Rows: Single
Outer Dimension: Micro(≤26mm)
Material: Bearing Steel
Spherical: Non-Aligning Bearings
Load Direction: Radial Bearing


Customized Request

cam folllow bearing

How do cam follower bearings contribute to the proper functioning of reciprocating machinery like engines?

Cam follower bearings play a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of reciprocating machinery, such as engines. Let’s explore how cam follower bearings contribute to the smooth operation of reciprocating machinery:

  • Transmitting Motion: Cam follower bearings are designed to follow the profile of a cam, which is a specially shaped component that converts rotary motion into reciprocating or oscillating motion. By maintaining contact with the cam’s surface, the cam follower bearing transfers the motion from the rotating cam to other components in the machinery, such as valves, pistons, or fuel injectors. This motion transmission is essential for proper engine operation, controlling valve timing, fuel injection, and other critical processes.
  • Supporting Load: Reciprocating machinery, including engines, generates significant forces and loads during operation. Cam follower bearings provide support and bear the loads exerted by the moving components, such as valves or pistons. They ensure the smooth and precise movement of these components, while also carrying the associated dynamic and static loads. Proper load support is crucial for maintaining the stability, accuracy, and longevity of reciprocating machinery.
  • Reducing Friction and Wear: Cam follower bearings incorporate rolling elements, such as rollers or needles, that reduce friction between the cam and the bearing. This rolling action minimizes the sliding contact and frictional heat generation, resulting in reduced wear on the bearing surfaces. By reducing friction and wear, cam follower bearings contribute to the efficient operation of reciprocating machinery, promoting energy efficiency and extending the bearing’s service life.
  • Absorbing Shock and Vibration: Reciprocating machinery, especially engines, generates significant shock and vibration due to the rapid acceleration and deceleration of components. Cam follower bearings are designed to absorb and dampen these shocks and vibrations, preventing their transmission to other parts of the machinery. This helps to reduce noise, minimize structural fatigue, and improve overall system stability, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.
  • Accommodating Misalignment: In reciprocating machinery, slight misalignments can occur due to manufacturing tolerances, thermal expansion, or dynamic loads. Cam follower bearings are designed to accommodate limited misalignments between the cam and the bearing, allowing for proper functioning even under these conditions. This flexibility helps to maintain the alignment and engagement between the cam and the bearing, ensuring efficient motion transmission and preventing excessive stress or premature failure.
  • Facilitating Lubrication: Proper lubrication is essential for the smooth operation and longevity of cam follower bearings and reciprocating machinery. Cam follower bearings are designed to retain lubricants, such as grease or oil, within the bearing assembly. They incorporate features like lubrication holes, grooves, or channels to facilitate the distribution of lubricant to the bearing surfaces. Effective lubrication minimizes friction, reduces wear, and helps dissipate heat, ensuring optimal performance and preventing damage to the bearing and associated components.

Overall, cam follower bearings play a vital role in the proper functioning of reciprocating machinery, such as engines. They transmit motion, support loads, reduce friction and wear, absorb shocks and vibrations, accommodate misalignments, and facilitate lubrication. By fulfilling these functions, cam follower bearings contribute to the efficient, reliable, and smooth operation of reciprocating machinery, enabling the performance and longevity of engines and other similar applications.

cam folllow bearing

How do cam follower bearings enhance the performance of automation systems and robotics?

Cam follower bearings play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of automation systems and robotics. These bearings offer several advantages that contribute to the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of such systems. Let’s explore how cam follower bearings enhance the performance of automation systems and robotics:

1. Precise Motion Control: Automation systems and robotics require precise and controlled motion for various tasks, such as pick-and-place operations, assembly, or material handling. Cam follower bearings enable precise motion control by:

  • Transferring rotational motion from motors or actuators to different components or end-effectors.
  • Providing accurate and repeatable positioning, allowing for precise movement and alignment.
  • Enabling controlled linear or oscillating motion required for specific tasks or trajectories.

2. High Load-Carrying Capacity: Automation systems and robotics often involve handling substantial loads, such as robotic arms carrying heavy objects or machines handling materials. Cam follower bearings offer high load-carrying capacity, allowing them to:

  • Support and bear the weight of moving components or payloads, ensuring stable and reliable operation.
  • Handle both radial and axial loads, accommodating the forces exerted during various stages of the automation process.
  • Distribute the applied loads effectively, preventing premature wear or damage to other system components.

3. Compact Design: Space is often a critical consideration in automation systems and robotics, where components need to be compact and lightweight. Cam follower bearings are designed to have a compact form factor, allowing them to be integrated into tight spaces without sacrificing performance.

4. High Durability and Reliability: Automation systems and robotics operate in demanding environments and may undergo continuous or repetitive motion. Cam follower bearings enhance performance by:

  • Being designed to withstand high loads, shocks, and vibrations commonly encountered in automation and robotics applications.
  • Providing long service life and high resistance to wear, ensuring minimal downtime for maintenance or replacement.
  • Operating reliably and consistently, even under high-speed and high-cycle conditions, to maintain system productivity and efficiency.

5. Reduced Friction and Energy Efficiency: Efficiency and energy consumption are crucial considerations in automation systems and robotics. Cam follower bearings contribute to performance by:

  • Incorporating designs that minimize friction and power losses during motion.
  • Utilizing advanced lubrication systems and materials to reduce friction and wear.
  • Enabling smooth and low-friction movement, resulting in reduced energy requirements and improved overall system efficiency.

6. Alignment and Compensation: Automation systems and robotics often involve complex motion profiles or irregular surfaces. Cam follower bearings assist in performance enhancement by:

  • Accommodating misalignments caused by variations in the cam profiles or tracks.
  • Compensating for minor deviations or irregularities in the surfaces they ride on, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted motion.
  • Tracking and following the designated motion paths accurately, allowing for precise and reliable operation.

7. Integration with Control Systems: Cam follower bearings can be integrated seamlessly with control systems in automation and robotics. They can be connected to position feedback sensors or encoders to provide accurate position and velocity feedback, enabling closed-loop control and enhancing system performance.

In summary, cam follower bearings enhance the performance of automation systems and robotics by providing precise motion control, high load-carrying capacity, compact design, durability, reduced friction, alignment compensation, and integration with control systems. These bearings contribute to the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of automation processes, enabling improved productivity and performance in various industrial applications.

cam folllow bearing

What advantages do cam follower bearings offer compared to other bearing types?

Cam follower bearings offer several advantages compared to other bearing types, making them suitable for specific applications where their unique features are beneficial. Here are the key advantages of cam follower bearings:

  • Cam Following Capability:
  • The primary advantage of cam follower bearings is their ability to accurately follow the profile of a cam. This feature allows them to convert the rotary motion of the cam into linear or oscillating motion with precision. The cam follower bearing maintains contact with the cam’s surface, ensuring consistent and controlled movement. This capability is particularly useful in applications where the motion needs to be translated or transformed, such as in cam-driven mechanisms, sliding doors, or lifting systems.

  • High Load Capacity:
  • Cam follower bearings are designed to handle high loads, making them suitable for applications that require robust support and load-carrying capacity. The design of cam follower bearings, especially heavy-duty versions, allows them to withstand heavy radial and axial loads. This makes them suitable for demanding applications such as material handling equipment, automotive systems, and machinery where substantial forces are involved.

  • Shock and Impact Resistance:
  • Cam follower bearings are known for their ability to absorb shocks and impacts due to their robust construction and rolling element design. The rolling elements, whether rollers or needles, distribute the load evenly along their length, minimizing localized stress concentrations. This characteristic enables cam follower bearings to handle sudden changes in load or impact loads without compromising performance or causing premature failure. Applications with dynamic loads or intermittent forces can benefit from the shock-resistant nature of cam follower bearings.

  • Versatile Mounting Options:
  • Cam follower bearings offer versatile mounting options, allowing flexibility in their integration into mechanical systems. They are available in different configurations, including stud-type and yoke-type designs, which offer various mounting possibilities. Stud-type cam followers can be directly attached to a structure or component using a threaded stud, while yoke-type cam followers feature an integral flange that provides guidance and support. This versatility in mounting options makes cam follower bearings adaptable to different system designs and requirements.

  • Suitability for High-Speed Applications:
  • Cam follower bearings are well-suited for high-speed applications due to their rolling element design. The rolling elements, whether cylindrical rollers or needle rollers, reduce friction and enable smooth rolling motion. This allows cam follower bearings to operate at higher speeds while maintaining low heat generation and minimizing wear. Their ability to handle high speeds makes them suitable for applications such as automated machinery, robotics, and automotive systems where rapid and precise motion is required.

  • Compact Design:
  • Cam follower bearings typically have a compact design, which is advantageous in applications where space is limited. The compact size allows for easier integration into tight spaces or assemblies, making them ideal for applications with size constraints. Their small footprint and lightweight construction contribute to overall system efficiency and reduce unnecessary bulk.

In summary, cam follower bearings offer several advantages compared to other bearing types. Their ability to accurately follow the profile of a cam, high load capacity, shock and impact resistance, versatile mounting options, suitability for high-speed applications, and compact design make them a preferred choice in applications that require precise motion control, robust support, and reliable performance.

China best CZPT Single Roller Cam Follower Mcfr13 Stud Type Track Rollers Bearing   with high qualityChina best CZPT Single Roller Cam Follower Mcfr13 Stud Type Track Rollers Bearing   with high quality
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